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„Nature Beings – Encounters with Friends of Humanity“

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English Edition of „Naturwesen – Begegnung mit Freunden des Menschen“

Nature Beings Elves, tree devas, nymphs and other nature beings were a familiar environment for the mythical people of prehistoric times because they could perceive it. Later, mankind lost contact with these finer levels of being, but the elvan beings are still there and encounters with them are also possible today.

Margot Ruis, a Sensitive of our days, maintains contact with nature beings, explores their world and life and seeks their advice. She describes her experiences in this book and gives suggestions on how we ourselves can strive for such encounters and how they can enrich our lives,

With a foreword by Paul Uccusic and an interview with Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj.

Published by Kazda



The Tree Elves
The Water Beings
The Great Mountain Elves
Nature Beings, Humans and their Joint Living Space
The Path of Humanity – the Path of the Devas
Differences and Commonalities
Suffering and Death as seen through the Devas' Eyes
Nature Beings' Myths and Stories
How to make Friends in the Realm of Nature Beings

About Margot Ruis
In Conversation with Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj


Page 83:
Before we left the mountains, we visited the waterfall again and took red apples, nuts and prunes with us. I arranged the gifts in the shape of a beautiful mandala; you can never go wrong when you lay a beautiful and energetically beneficial table.
To our delight our two elf friends visited us together with several elf women. Elves love to sing, and so do I; that mostly fits in very well. The women sang a very beautiful elvan song, I joined in, and so an extended musical happening evolved behind the waterfall with the little water girls listening with rapt attention. When on top of that the slim figures started to dance, it felt as though I would never stop singing and witnessing how their harmonious movements transformed the tune into form.
On occasions such as these, time becomes blurred and one has no concept of how long the encounter has lasted. When one tries to guess later, one generally is definitely wrong and has mostly erred on the short side.
As dealing with time so carelessly when in the mountains is not a very good idea, at least one of you should be more or less ‘present’ and keep a check on time. That is how Gerhard eventually pointed out gently that we should soon be thinking about the descent.
When we had said good bye to the elves and allowed the place to exert its effect and the experience to linger on some more, we saw a little mouse running excitedly to and fro on a rocky ledge above our nutritious mandala. We could hardly believe it — a mouse at this altitude where there is only rock and a few bits of matted grass? What did this little mouse live on? Well, where there are plants, there will also be roots and seeds. That would have to be the answer. A Spartan existence! But now the festive table was abundantly set and the mouse clearly could hardly wait for us to leave. We were very pleased that the gross material form of our gifts for the elves would also be used appropriately.

Page 96:
When we spend a holiday in our garden, a number of my dear friends, the crystals and precious stones, always accompany me. They have their favourite spots under the linden tree, under flowering shrubs and in other parts of the garden; that is where they reenergise themselves and also give pleasure to the plants and their subtle beings by virtue of their vibration. Chrysoprase, a luminous light green stone of the quartz family, once told me that it connects us with the higher vibrations of the nature realm. So I took it to bed one night in order to promote my contact with the elves while asleep. Before going to sleep I turned to them, asked them for their attention and maybe a meeting during the night, and then sent them all my love.
Next morning I could not remember anything and resumed my daily programme after again turning to all elvan friends with love. During breakfast in the garden Gerhard said: "Have a look at the linden tree girl!" I am not at my best in the mornings; I am glad I get my eyes to open and just about know who I am. But, I concentrated and looked towards the linden tree. What I saw there made me come fully awake immediately. Elves!!, three women and two men, in size comparable to the forest elves. One of them sat in the meadow and chatted with our linden tree girl, the others stood around the tree and looked towards us. I could hardly believe it. These elves, who normally avoid inhabited areas, were visiting our garden! Even though it is reasonably clear around us — we are surrounded by meadows and fields — we would never have expected such guests! And today of all days, after the thing with the chrysoprase! What on earth had happened in the night that I was not able to remember..?

Page 143:
The nature beings also perceive their environment, the forest, the meadow, the stream, differently than human eyes do; here again they see the subtle aspect, auras, energies. When I first asked a tree deva to be allowed to see the forest as he sees it, it was amazing! The forest, the stream’s edge, the water, the grass, the bushes — everything was immensely alive and in continuous motion. There were beings of all kinds and sizes, but they were not static and strictly separate as we would see a human leaning against a tree. No, they appeared like a sea of flowing colours... their luminous auras merged and connected the forest to form a rapturous orgy of colour. The main shades of this mighty symphony were blue, yellow and green; the auras of the tree trunks and branches were yellow to golden, grasses, leaves and treetops radiated from green to blue with all shades in between, and the water in the stream sparkled with a light blue. I was aware of the auras of birds and beetles, and the clouds turned out to be impressive beings made up of different energy flows.
Fascinating as it was to see with the eyes of the tree deva — I would not want to see the world like that all the time! Such a flood of impressions would clearly be too much for the human system of perception; it seems that devas are able to see the whole picture much better. One thing is clear: you wouldn’t be able to make money from elves with either colour TV nor LSD and such like! They don’t need any such aids.
A few weeks later I also asked a particularly dear friend, a sycamore deva in the Hohe Tauern, to let me see through her eyes. She agreed and off we went. The very unusual trunk of this tree — completely hollow which can only be described as a three-quarter shell consisting of surprisingly thin wood — shone with a yellow, continuously flowing, shimmering light; it looked as if millions of tiny beings were moving in it. Presumably they were the cells of the trunk and their life energy. Then I looked up to the top of the sycamore. This was also immersed in vibrating coloured light: the leaves were aflame with blue, the branches with yellow.

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