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Juli 2023

Swami Gurusharanananda
Ma Sharanam Ashram, School and Hostel
schreibt an DANA MUDRA:

Jai ma, Dearest friends,
There is some good news from Ma Sharanam School which I want to share at the beginning of this year's new session. School started on 25 of June.

1). Finally after a few years of challenges we are able to install solar panels for the electricity of the whole ashram and school. It's a big solar panel. We used to pay huge expenses for electricity but now we are self dependent. Especially in our region there is enough sunlight throughout the year.


2). Now this year we have extended the hostel again to 45 boys. Due to covid and me not traveling we have reduced the children in the hostel to 15 only. Now again the ashram is full of children, which means full of energy movement and lots more joy.


3).We have also added a sports teacher, who is a national player as hostel warden. Two more special teachers for science and mathematics have been appointed. Special classes in yoga, astrology, ayurveda and Sanskrit are being conducted now.

Neue Lehrer

4). Last year we faced problems in getting government recognition due to the tin roof on class rooms. They complain it's not safe. We tried our best to convince them that it is a very durable construction. But they refused, so finally we are building a classroom with a concrete roof.


5). Last session (which was from 2022 to 2023) our school performed excellent in the district. One of our boys scored Second position in district, in 10 th examination with 96%.


6). Ma Sharanam Ashram has set an example in the whole region to successfully grow organic bananas, many farmers are now coming to learn organic farming.


It is through all of your most incredible love and support that we are able to do this sewa. Otherwise it was never possible.
After covid we had so many challenges to begin the school but through Dana Mudra continuous support, Acharya Mangalananda effort from America and all the friends from Europe and America we are able to keep this beautiful project running.
Again and again we all at Ma Sharanam are Very very thankful for your incredible loving support.

Sending you all oceans of love, light and joy from Ma Sharanam.

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